Moving to UK

  • A passport is not required for travel to or from the UK And Ireland.

    Only requirement is a Photo I.D. which can be a Driving License, but if a Passport is available this is always preferable.

    There are few serious formalities required for Irish Residents moving to the UK.
    But they include having to obtain a National Insurance Number, in order to apply for employment.

    And also having to register your car within a period, which will mean that your vehicle will be given a UK Reg No.
    There is no form of import duty to pay for your car import but it will have to be Type Approved, and this document can normally be provided by your supplying main agents in Ireland.
    The most costly item may be having to modify your speedometer from KMs to Miles.

    Also you will have to register with a Doctor and, when you have an National Insurance No. from the Dept Of Health and Social Security, (DHSS) You can simply find a local Doctors Surgery or Practice and register with a Doctor of your choice.

    Doctors in the UK are often referred to as G.Ps., Meaning General Practitioners.
    Consulting with your Doctor is free of charge, as is visiting or even being admitted to hospital and all other services provided by the NHS (National Health Service) are free of charge at the point of need.
    Medicines are however charged for, unless exempt on account of being aged over 60 years and on other grounds.

    It is also important to register on the Electoral Register, as this will prove valuable when applying for credit or for a mortgage, And Irish Nationals are, uniquely, permitted to vote in UK elections as part of a Historical Bilateral agreement.