• National Guild of Removers and Storers embarrassed and upset with McCrorys Removals Blog

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    salt unhappy at mccrorys court decision

    Enjoying the sahara sand oblivious to threats from the impotent mr Salt

    Enjoying the sahara sand oblivious to threats from the impotent mr Salt

    National Guild of Removers and Storers embarrassed and upset  with McCrorys Removals Blog




    As it now seems to be a regular Pre-Christmas annual event, there was an email sent on 23rd Dec. to McCrorys Removals Ltd. from David Sheahan acting again for NGRS and in the form of a Pre Action Letter.


    Unfortunately I was, like most human beings, during this festive season, relaxing, and in fact basking in the heat of Sahara Sand Dunes, and well removed from the internet and such emails.


    The gist of the email was to allege that McCrorys Removals Ltd. had uploaded a letter from a very unhappy former member of the so called guild, Mr Brian Clarke, on to McCrorys Website Blog, which we had titled ‘Dying to leave the Guild’


    Although this letter’s content has in fact been published in the Andrew Penman Investigates, ‘Anything Fishy or Fradulant’ column, …it seems that McCrorys Blog …which simply uploaded the letter without comment, has caused a great deal more damage to NGRS than a national daily newspaper!


    It should maybe be taken as a compliment that McCrorys Removals Ltd website would have a greater readership than the Daily Mirror, but I would not expect anyone to believe that.


    So, why NGRS should single out McCrorys Removals Ltd, and purely for this blog, and now, when there have been blogs on the subject of the litigious activities of NGRS appearing on McCrorys Site for years now, is curious.


    But, when reading the Pre Action Letter, it appears that this one particular defendant, Brian Clarke, has, by, circulating this letter, caused NGRS to suffer Embarrassment and Upset.

    Judging from their behaviour up to the present, that sounds quite impressive.


    It appears that in their enthusiasm to get this Defamation Claim letter sent to McCrorys Removals before Christmas, NGRS/CWD have managed to produce a pre action letter that is so flawed and defective, that it would be deserved to be laughed out of court.


    One of the main allegations in the CWD Letter, is that the Falsehood being circulated in the Brian Clarke Letter suggests to any ‘reasonable person reading it’ that NGRS Were somehow involved in making a Hoax Phone Call so that Brian Clarke was misled into thinking that his court hearing was adjourned, and therefore did not attend the court, resulting in a Judgment by default in favour of NGRS…… The only problem with that allegation is, that Mr Clarke actually omitted to make any mention of the ‘Hoax’ phone call whatsoever in his letter that McCrorys Removals Ltd published on their blog.

    The Hoax Phone Call in fact does not appear in either Mr Clarke’s letter, nor anywhere else on McCrorys Removals Website Blog, nor has it ever been mentioned there.

    As it happens, there is a reference to such a phone call published in the Daily Mirror, but McCrorys Removals Ltd cannot take any credit for that.


    There are further allegations of falsehoods that appeared in the Clarke letter which McCrorys Removals Ltd published, including the suggestion that NGRS, The National Guild of Removers and Storers have applied for an order to make Brian Clarke Bankrupt.

    Wheras NGRS claim to only have secured details of Brian Clarkes finances. I doubt if NGRS/CWD did make these enquiries because they were concerned about the welfare of Mr Clarke.


    In fact NGRS/CWD actually offer their interpretation of the Brian Clarke’s letter, alleging that …in their wisdom, ‘in their natural and ordinary meaning, and in context, the words complained of meant and were understood to mean that’:

    ‘The NGRS is guilty of carrying out a fraud on Mr Clarke by persuading him to accept a no obligation free trial, and deliberately ignoring a letter and telephone calls during the free trial period in which Mr Clarke attempted to cancel his membership in order to bring a peremptory and unjustified claim for £14,076 plus costs and then seeking to make him bankrupt in an effort to destroy Mr Clarke and his family.’


    Since Mr Clarke doesn’t even make any reference to this ‘phone call’. Hoax or otherwise. The allegation of McCrorys being guilt of ‘the repetition rule’ by circulating Mr Clarke’s letter in our blog, is irrelevant.


    And how  a Hypothetical Reasonable Reader might interpret Mr Clarkes letter if approaching it for the first time, might be open to question.


    But, as ngrs solicitors are so keen to point out, the vital and important factor is all related to the CONTEXT.


    And I entirely agree with NGRS on that point.

    CONTEXT is everything.


    And in the CONTEXT of the foulmouthed outburst of the National Guild of removers and storers Mr Salt outside the Milton Keynes Court Rooms, when he shouted out to a former member of the guild and others present and to two video cameras which filmed the ‘attack’  ‘’Im going to take your F***ing House’’


    From that day forward, the entire narrative changed forever for the so called guild.


    Gone forever was the possibility of them pedalling the pretence of them being able to claim to be operating a genuine bon fide trade association and not acting like criminal scum as exemplified by their own Mr Salt for the whole world to see, and which was even broadcast on national newspapers websites.


    The pretence of having such a valuable brand, and not just ‘being in it for the money’ and not being a serial and parasitic litigious and malicious outfit that runs a business model that is dedicated to creating any peg to hang a claim on has now been totally discredited by Mr Salts very public outburst.


    The Pre Action Defamation letter from David Sheahan alleges that the Brian Clarke letter, as appeared on McCrorys Blog had a number of inaccuracies including, but not limited to:


    • That the claim by Mr Clarke that he sent a letter to CWD/NGRS to cancel his membership.

    Yes Mr Clarke did mention that he had sent such cancellation notice in writing, but also …in the interest of balance, even Mr Clarke goes on to say in the same letter, that NGRS claim never to have received such notice of cancellation.


    • Was never given leads as agreed by ngrs. NGRS do no contradict this, they simply give some state that Mr Clarke did not complete the correct piece of paper, in the prescribed way and therefor lost his entitlement to such leads.
    • Mr Clarke was not contacted out of the blue, but by pre-arranged appointment.
    • It is untrue that Mr Clarke had no benefit during his free trial period, as he had all the literature supplied to him that normally is restricted to such membership


    In the interest of being proportionate McCrorys have not attempted to repeat all of the ‘allegations’ of untruths in this blog, but have, instead, in the interests of balance, uploaded the entire documents from NGRS/CWD.


    In fact Mr Sheahan’s Letter was anything but proportionate and to me looked like an unwieldy example of  someone trying desperately the act of Dancing on the head of a pin

    According to Mr Sheahan….

    The Pre Action Letter alleges among many other things that McCrorys blog would suggest: ….. That ngrs is not fit to join …should leave etc and [ngrs] being such a highly valued and trusted brand is

    damaged by the contents of this blog and suffered embarrassment and upset and possibly even

    financial loss, which they may attempt to recover if provable….they say

    I and many others may slightly disagree with NGRS’s opinion that they have such a valuable

    brand and trusted image, especially after the, much publicised outburst of their Mr Salt outside

    the Milton Keynes Court House “Im going to have your F**king House” This Mr Salt statement

    entirely changed the whole narrative in any ordinary observers opinion…..from the so called

    Guild being able to keep up any pretence of being a victim of defamation for being maliciously

    accused of being litigious and ‘only in it for the money’, to, in my opinion, as being seen as an

    outright Toxic Brand

    So, as patently and laboriously, pointed out by ngrs solicitor David Sheahan, “Its all in the


    And in the context of the past behaviour of NGRS their Directors and Agents, the publication of

    Mr Clarke’s letter, without any accompanying commentary, was in fact, in my opinion, fair to the point of being painfully restrained.


    So to summarise for the avoidance of any doubt:

    The blog could not have been considered defamatory because:


    • McCrorys Removals Ltd had an honest belief in it being factual


    • No possible opportunity to allege Malice. In fact McCrorys could be said to have a sneaky

    regard for the only individuals connected with the so called Guild that we have had personal

    knowledge of, especially Mr Salt, as he is a shining example of someone who speaks his mind.


    • Public Interest. Partly because of the aggressive, opportunistic and large scale

    vexatious litigation, the access to the facts of their activities are going unreported, so the

    McCrorys blog has proven most valuable to prevent other victims from being picked off in isolation


    And, as it appears to me we have to wait to the end of this very long letter from Mr Sheahan to get to its real kernel…. And that is a warning that as this matter does not concern others within the Removal Trade, if McCrorys Removals were seen to seek to publicise the contents of this threat to take action for defamation, that could be seen as further proof of McCrorys being intent on doing harm to the National Guild Of Removers and Storers.


    I am dreadfully sorry Mr Sheahan, but, I am unable to comply with your true and blatent attempt to be silenced. Truth and Public Interest being the strongest defence against spurious, vexatious and groundless claims which will once more demonstrate to the wide world that you and your client are entirely impotent on this matter.

    And that is not to mention the fact that all the McCrorys Blog had uploaded on to our website, was already, very much, in the Public Domain!


    If you put a fraction of your energy and resources into promoting your and your clients services and goodwill, you would not, perhaps, need to be so heavily involved in such disgracefully Parasitic Activities as operating a Claiming Sausage Factory.


    I would offer a little advice, consider trying not to ‘shoot the messanger’ next time, and instead, if you are looking for a scapegoat, for the woes of the so called guild toxic brand, perhaps look no further than the Mirror.







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