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On 10th June 2014 at a hearing that NGRS applying for McCrorys Removals defence to be struck out, and other applications, all of which failed, the Court Awarded McCrorys Removals Costs against National Guild of Removers and Storers Ltd. 
This sum of over £4000 should have been paid to McCrorys Removals Ltd some weeks ago as acknowledged by ngrs own ‘applicaton’ form contents 
NGRS’s Barrister immediately asked the judge permission to appeal, at that same hearing, and when the judge heard the same arguments that had failed three time already. She ruled that Permission to appeal was denied. 
Then I received a photo copy of an application for a Stay from NGRS Solicitors CWD, which, curiously had no court seal stamped on it. 
Our Solicitors, Backhouse Jones wrote to the appeals office and also to CWD asking for this to be clarified. 
And I have just phoned the appeals office in Milton Keynes County Court, and was assured that there were no applications whatever from NGRS on this matter. 
It seems that whatever we think of the National Guild of Removers and Storers Ltd they can be very appealing. 
Now, I must ask the question, if that photocopy of that application, using court documents, or copies of them, is not genuine, and no record of any such appeal or application exists at the courts. How and why was this sent. 
Is the intention to mislead McCrorys into thinking that there was an application for a stay already lodged with the court, and therefore McCrorys would believe they were then unable to apply for an enforcement order to have their costs paid, which they are in fact entitled to do… and now plus any additional costs, and interest too. 
I seem to remember a similar court document being posted on a Movingetc website, which also did not have any authenticating seal and which NGRS was party to. McCrorys Removals Ltd will be seeking an enforcement action against the National Guild of Removers and Storers Ltd to comply with the court order to pay our costs forthwith. 
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