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With items of real and sentimental value, its important to employ Expert movers of antiques from UK to Ireland 
When moving a Grandfather Clock, or commonly known in the Antique Trade, as Longcase Clocks, they would never look like the one shown in the photograph. 
The reason being, is that the correct way to move these clocks, would be to remove the Hood, and all finials, keys, works, Pendulum, and Weights etc. and pack them all separately. But that would not make an identifiable Clock … so this photo is for illustration only, prior to the removal. 
An interesting feature of this particular clock, is that it appears to have a Moon Phase mechanism, which would normally rotate in line with the moon phases… as it used to be critical that people could predict when there would be the best chance of having moonlight… before the days of artificial street lighting. 
But the Moon Phase dial showing on this clock, is actually only painted, and there is no corresponding mechanism behind the dial… so, in effect, this would have been a case of Keeping Up With The Joneses … so any visiting neighbour, walking into the home, past this clock, might get the impression that the owner had a State Of The Art Clock! 
Such clocks with Moon Phase and Date Apertures would always cost more, and still do 
But, in fact when we know what is going on, I think that this Imposter Version, is more Interesting. 
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