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Irish Customs for Furniture Removals involves quite a lot of documentation, but, McCrorys Removals Ltd can sort out all of that. 
After decades of furniture removals experience, going back to the days of the Irish Punt that preceded the Euro…. and that really was when we had a Hard Border, so now nothing is too complicated. 
Although there is little sign of any investment in Infrastructure in Britain, to facilitate customs handling, Dublin Port is exactly the opposite. 
They have lots of new lanes and check ins for vehicles coming off the ferries, as well as Terminals and checking warehouses to clear goods entering the country. 
And at one of the Terminals there is a large lorry park which is designed with a Wavy Road, which undulates up and down its entire length, but when I enquired whether this was a fault, I was reassured that in fact it was carefully designed to have the gradual waves, so as to make it too uncomfortable for vehicles to drive too fast, because it is a straight stretch, and speeding could be tempting, but would be a danger to other lorry drivers on foot. 
So a lot of infrastructure, staff, and systems, to try to make Brexit more manageable for everyone. 
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