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McCrorys Removals go back so far that they were established before the Ford Transit was even produced. 
The first removal van we purchased was a Ford Thames Luton Van and it was used to deliver Antique Brass Beds for a shop in Westbourne Grove, Bayswater London W2 in the 1960’s. 
The shop, which was called Aristocat, also had a branch in the Kings Road, and was very exclusive. 
Some of these beds we delivered were priced at as much as would buy a brand new ‘Wimpey’ built semi-detached home in the North Of England at the time, which was in the region of £2000. 
The brass beds were being delivered by us to such areas as the Surrey Stockbroker belt, often having to be installed and erected by our crews in tiny quaint period thatched cottages. 
This was very good practice for the future of our removal business, as it required an appreciation of customers valuable possesions, and that care and patience were essential attributes, to getting the job completed, without fuss. 
The experience also proved invaluable, when we went on to deliver Antiques and Fine Art from all the large Auction Rooms, including Sothebys, Christies, Bonhams, and in those days, Harrods also had their own Large Auction Rooms, to galleries throughout the UK and Ireland. 
It means there are very few items, however rare, that McCrorys Removals would not have moved many times before, in their long years serving the Antique and Fine Art Transport Sector. 
And, although many of the regional auction rooms have ceased trading, after centuries, we now find we are getting customers enquiries for delivery of antiques sold on Ebay. 
In fact Ebay Delivery of antique furniture has become a niche service, as we are uniquely placed to understand how to handle such valuable and fragile items. 
This is not the sort of thing to entrust to a general courier or transport company, if sellers value their precious positive feedback record. 
Dismantling and assembling Grandfather clock and Grand Pianos, are second nature to our crews. 
And of course with our understanding of the antique trade, we appreciate that, although buyers of antiques on ebay may be happy to pay for delivery costs, they are usually reluctant, for some reason to contribute to the packing costs. 
Also, the seller of antiques on ebay has the problem of being responsible for the insurance cover, which is difficult, when large couriers exclude cover for anything described as Antique, including Parcelforce. 
They will happily accept payment of insurance premium, but, then if you try to claim, its a different story. 
So the answer is to employ a specialist experienced in the delivery of antiques in the uk and to Ireland, such as McCrorys Removals. 
As with Ebay, we all depend on the Feedback Score, its important to ensure that whoever you employ to handle your fragile ebay delivery has a long trusted track record. 
And, not only will McCrorys Removals Deliver fragile items, they will also collect ebay items and even pack them too so that they will be covering the insurance on an All Risks Basis, and at no extra cost to the seller or buyer. 
Its important to develop a good regular working relationship with your Ebay Delivery Service Provider so that you can relax with the knowledge that your items will be given the same attention you would provide yourself, and not be too nervous to check your emails every time you send off a valuable item for delivery. 
There are of course other equally reputable furniture removal and antiques delivery companies in the UK and Ireland, its just a matter of checking how long they have been established and whether the have the relevant experience, and also have the insurance cover and, importantly, unlike general courier companies, that they do not sub-contract to Man and Van operators, who may have no understanding of the delicate nature of your ebay consignment. 
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