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After so many years, at last, we have launched a dedicated website for customers that are moving from Ireland to the UK, which will have special and unique informative content, gained from a wealth of experience over a life time of helping our customers emigrate to the UK. 
Also will include blogs about subjects such as registering your Irish registered car in the UK, and how to get on to the electoral register, and how to open a UK bank account as an Irish Citizen, also how to ensure you get a good credit rating, quickly, in the UK, even if you have always lived in Ireland. 
Other topics will include: How to rent a property in the UK as an Irish Citizen, and how can an Irish Citizen obtain a mortgage in the UK. 
Any other subjects that our customers suggest, will also feature. 
We would be very interested to hear from customers about their own experience of emigrating from Ireland to England or moving from Ireland to the UK. 
We have even blogged about the experience of the McCrory family emigrating from Co. Tyrone to the North of England, over fifty years ago, so we have real experience of what it is like to emigrate from Ireland to the UK. 
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