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It now looks like the national guild of removers and storers lose on every complaint and claim, as happened with the complaint they made to the IPSO, The Independent Press Standards Organisation against the Daily Mirror Article, which featured the aggressive scene of the so called Guilds Mr Salt reacting to a question from a furniture remover, to which Mr Salt reacted with a totally unwarranted and unexpected attack using foul language and filmed shouting that he was going to take the furniture removers f***ing house. 
The fact that this was recorded, filmed, and witnessed by another colleague of that remover, meant that even Mr Salt did not consider complaining of the accuracy of the incident. 
But, instead ngrs, the so called guild and their solicitors made a complaint to the Press Standards Organisation, because the Daily Mirror ran an article stating only facts that seemed to put ngrs into a bad light, in the opinion of the so called guild 
Well if the cap fits, I would say, wear it. 
Perhaps the so called guild will feel sufficiently arrogant to try to contradict even this decision. 
Mr Salt, and all of your colleagues, …you will now have to think again. 
You really cannot keep going around and trying to paint the world black when it is white. 
The IPSO have told you that you have failed with everyone one of your allegations of the Daily Mirror being inaccurate. 
How on earth could it have done otherwise. 
The evidence was all documented. 
What did you hope to achieve by bringing this complaint? 
Surely you must know the standing of the reporter Andrew Penman, a well respected journalist whose column the guild featured in so prominently? 
I should remind you that the column is called Andrew Penman Investigates Anything Fishy or Fraudulent. 
Not sure I would have gone to the press complaints organisation myself, if I had already featured in such a column. 
I think I would have instead have decided to do the apologizing and quietly go out of business and offer to compensate anyone that I had damaged, and decided to try a little ‘damage limitation’ 
But who am I to offer advice to any other business? especially one which is obviously still managing to remain profitable. 
This is just one more of those fine days that Justice can be seen to have been done. 
The full IPSO Decision and Report can be read using the following link or simply enter IPSO NGRS into a google search, its in the public domain. 
Congratulations to all concerned. 
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