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There was a time, probably Thirty Years ago, when we only used the Stranraer or Cairnryan ferries to get to Ireland. 
But times have changed, because of the rising cost of fuel, labour, and the drivers hours restrictions, and, strangely, there is a speed limit of 40 miles per hour on all single carriage roads in Scotland for HGV Vehicles, which is 10 miles an hour slower than the rest of the UK, which has a 50 MPH Limit for the same class of roads. 
When covering hundreds of miles with a HGV Lorry at such slow speeds, this really slows down the lorry and extends the drivers working hours. 
As well as the fact we now only find it viable to go via the Scottish Ports to Ireland, when carrying out Removals from Scotland to Ireland, or in the opposite direction, as we do move many families from Ireland to Scotland too. 
So we do miss the wonderful scenery that the Scotland route used to take us. 
The most recent trips have been from Edinburgh to Belfast and from Aberdeen to Dublin, which meant using Cairnryan to Belfast port ferry in each case. 
This crossing is also the shortest Sea Crossing these days, at about an hour and a half, it is also the cheapest! And.... they serve good food, and really do look after the drivers…. it probably helps that there is competition between the two operators, Stena and P&O. 
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