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The answer to that question, what to do if the National Guild of Removers and Storers Ltd take me to court depends on what the claim is. 
It very often seems to be ‘infringement’ of their ‘trade mark’ or unauthorised use of their logo or claiming to be a member of the so called guild when you are not. 
Legally this is called passing off. 
In the case of McCrorys Removals Ltd as it happens although we were deemed to be valid, accredited, members by the so called guild, we avoided ever claiming to be members and because the guild obviously could not find anywhere on our website, vehicles etc any examples of us advertising such membership, they have now produced photocopy for the court as evidence a screen snapshot of wording that says McCrorys Removals Ltd are Members of the Guild of removers and storers ltd which appeared on a site called bestratedeals … but when we checked out this site… which has remarkably similar style logos etc to that of ngrs. we found that it was really only pushing the blurb of the guild and our name had simply been inserted. 
We had no part in uploading that information and pointed out to ngrs/cwd that there may in fact have been a data protection infringement on their part too. 
It appears that there is a ‘commercial arrangement’ between that site and ngrs. 
It is not unreasonable for mccrorys removals ltd to feel a bit disturbed by this ‘vested interest’ in implicating us in order to provide the only singular item of evidence of us having ever claimed to have been a member. 
This is something that we intend to pursue with some vigour and fully expect to hear from other such ‘victim’ removal companies. 
the letter from CWD as below outlines some of ngrs’s response to this and at the same explicitly says that mccrorys are not to be believed. 
I think I would prefer a court of law to decide on that matter 
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