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What to do if the guild of removers and storers take me to court can be answered in two words. 
Take some legal advice, even if only a free consultation, and preferably with a firm of solicitors that are gaining a lot of experience in many cases against the guild, such as Backhouse Jones.  
Then search the internet for any blogs on the subject and other articles too, but do not be discouraged by reports of success of guilds claims against other removal companies in courts, as, up to the present, none of these cases appear to have been defended, and therefore there was no choice for the Judge than to enter Judgment by default, when the movers never even showed up. 
That is now changing and, if you have a good case, even if you have to appear without a solicitor, the courts are often very sympathetic and helpful, as are other ‘victim’ removal companies. 
You can be sure, you are not alone. 
The other advice is to act quickly and comply with all the courts deadline requirements, if you miss the date for filing your defence, then you are in trouble, as it will automatically go against you, and you will have to pay up ‘forthwith’ the full amount claimed. 
So, however ill prepared you might think you are, it is better to enter, even the most basic defence in writing, such as ‘I dispute all the amounts owed and sign the ‘Statement of Truth’ 
Below is the latest of the So Called Guild claim against us, which is simply scrawled in red ink and is mysteriously increased from £10,345 to over £14k …even though we have already paid £3800 to the ngrs/cwd solicitors, and they have cashed that cheque. 
Looks like a licence to print money… 
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