• Breakfast in Cork City Port

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    One of the joys of working on the removal lorry is not knowing where you might wake up

    in the morning.

    In this case we woke up to Breakfast in Cork City Port, with various ships coming and going and discharging all sorts of cargo, as well as one fishing vessel from Europe.

    Breakfast was the usual Muesli, with a drop of boiling water to soften the oats and fruit, a teapot full of tea, and, in this case, as in the photo, A slice of dark wheaten bread, topped with strong cheddar cheese.

    Its what I call ‘roughing it in style’ .. and all enjoyed within the double decked Scania Sleeper Cab too.

    And then, because we had to fill in two days rest period, we could walk into the city centre and, in the evening, taste the delights of the bustling restaurants and bars, even when conforming with Covid Restrictions.

    Then we headed for one of my favourite towns in Ireland, Kinsale, to carry out a full pack and removal to Yorkshire.

    A nice end to a full week on the road.


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