• Good News for McCrorys Removals: ngrs lose their four year battle

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    Finally in a court of appeal in Oxford on Wednesday, The So Called National Guild Of Removers and Storers had to accept defeat.

    They had already lost their claim against McCrorys Removals some months ago at the hearing in Milton Keynes, when the guild Mr Salt exploded with rage outside the court and started insulting furniture removers and using foul language and threats.

    And even after Mr Salt had sat in the court room to hear the judge state that the so called guilds claim against McCrorys Removals was ‘wholly unmeritorious’, he and his misguided solicitors, decided to appeal.

    They were granted leave to appeal, in order to attempt to have another ‘retrial’, but the appeal judge soon declared that there was ‘no impropriety’ in the judges actions, and in fact it was the duty of a judge to intervene, if they noticed a serious flaw in evidence, as she did with the so called guild ‘rules’.

    In fact the appeal judge even complimented the so called guilds solicitors CWD for being so clear and concise in the wording of their ‘Annex 11′.

    But the praise was faint, because it was that indisputable Annex 11 that seemed to be so perfectly worded, that in fact served to totally undermine the entire claim…. So Well Done CWD for being so clever at your drafting….. another ‘own goal’

    The end result was the judge declaring that the appeal had failed.

    Another fatal error which in effect has meant the so called guild has come to the end of the road, and, after a lot of very costly and damaging

    legal actions, they have finally lost it all.

    The dogs in the streets knew they could not win against McCrorys Removals, but no one seems to have convinced Mr Salt and his legal colleagues that he could only lose.

    Imagine how Mr Angry feels today?

    You deserve all the Justice you sought and paid for Mr Salt

    We look forward to receiving your cheque for the latest costs on Wednesday, FORTHWITH

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