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''We Know The Form'' 
Now that the UK has left the EU, the rules and regulations around moving home between the Republic of Ireland and the UK have changed. British and Irish citizens still don’t need a visa or residency permit to work, live or study in either country, thanks to the Common Travel Agreement (CTA). However, customs regulations and other forms of red tape are now in operation.  
Our expert team will assist with the paperwork and customs clearance process to make sure your move goes to plan. 

A new life for you and your family 

People move between Ireland and the UK for many reasons: to work or study, to retire, to be near family or simply because they’ve fallen in love with a place they’ve visited on holiday. Whatever your reasons, you’ll experience new cultures, traditions and ways of life. 
And although there will be a lot of reassuringly familiar things about Ireland, such as driving on the same side of the road as GB, their liking for a cup of tea, and a pint at the local pub, as well as never being bored with the ever changing conversations about the weather.... and yet there are some interesting differences, So, There’ll be a lot to get used to and you’re sure to have lots of questions. 

Ask the Irish/UK experts 

At McCrorys, we have extensive local knowledge around many areas of the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic. Chances are, we’ll be familiar with your new home town or region, and we can provide advice, information and assistance that will help you get settled in. From the workings of local health services through to information on importing and registering your vehicle, we can answer all your questions. 
If you have a query, you’ll hopefully find the answer on our FAQs page or by following one of the links below. if not, please get in touch and our friendly team will be pleased to help. 

Moving from the Republic of Ireland to the UK 

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs Government website can tell you all about your rights as an Irish or non-Irish citizen looking to relocate to the UK, and how the process works. 

Moving from the UK to the Republic of Ireland 

The UK Government website provides comprehensive information on emigrating to Ireland, including guidance on residency, healthcare, pets and driving. 
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