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    Driving in the South of Ireland, also known offically as Eire, or The Republic of Ireland, is a similar experience to driving in the UK.
    Although, Its still driving on the left hand side, and most of the traffic signs are similar, with a few exceptions.
    For example, instead of Give Way, the signs will say Yield, and the Irish speeds signs are all in Kilometers, so when you see a sign saying max speed 120, dont mistake that for miles.
    There are Police Cars patrolling the main roads these days, but they will say Gardai, and if they also have the words Traffic Corps, they will certainly take an interest in your progress, if you start to travel at 120 miles per hours!
    Also, you will find all the place names are in the English and Irish language.

    There are no formalities for using your car in Ireland, apart from informing your insurance company to extend cover to Ireland, But, if you are moving to the South of Ireland, you will need to re-register your car and, in effect, import a car from Great Britian to Ireland.

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