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Although the use of teachests for packing fragile items in the past was very common, teachests are now museum items. 
Tea was delivered to Tea Merchants in Britain in these plywood teachests, which were lined with tin foil inside and tin edging around the corners. 
Once the teachests were used for the delivery of the tea, they were then often used for packing of household goods for removals. 
They were so strong that they would last for decades, and could even be stood on, without any risk of collapsing. 
But, now, since tea started to be delivered in nylon sacks the Teachest has been replaced, largely, by cardboard boxes, which are totally disposable. 
And teachests can now be found selling as collectors items on sites such as Ebay, and often used for display purposes to convey the image of quality bespoke genuine products and services, and McCrorys Removals Ltd are also proud to be able to display a small collection of these relics from the past too, as having been established so long that we have lots of experience of making use of teachests for removals packing. 
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