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This removal from London to Kilkenny was being loaded from an address in Mortlake in west of London from a property which still had piping for gas lighting! 
And the address that we loaded from was in Cromwell Place! in Mortlake, but there still may be no place for a Cromwell in Ireland, because of the terrible legacy of Oliver, even if Thomas Cromwell was only a distant relation, that ascended from humble beginnings, to become indispensible to the Monarch, he ended up being executed by order of King Henry V111  
Mortlake, as a village, appears in the Domesday Book, and the Manor, was the home of the Archbishob. until Henry V111 decided to gift it to Thomas Cromwell, ... a distant relation of Oliver Cromwell! 
And the Manor then became a favourite place for English Monarchs to visit. 
Unfortunately, the famous Manor was destroyed in the Great Fire of London, and only some of the original basement foundations remain under another building. 
The Mortlake Brewery is now disused and the site is being used by Film Production Studios. 
Because of the Riverside being so close, the large former Brewery is in danger of being developed as Prestige Riverfront Residential Development, and just being added to the other sprawl along the Thames. 
And the local Historic association is taking an active part in trying to preserve the Village feel of Mortlake... they may have their work cut out! 
Moving from an address near the Mortlake Brewery, it was hard not to notice the overhead sound of Planes, bound for nearby Heathrow Airport. 
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