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As Usual, every year, Nottingham celebrates St Patrick's Day, in style, and arranges the Music, Irish Dancing, Stalls, and a great welcome too, so that McCrorys Removals staff and family will always attend, without fail. 
Although Nottingham is not an obvious Irish Town, there has been a history of around 200 years of Irish Emigration to Nottingham, and in the early 1800's was the start of larger numberts of people emigrating to Nottingham especially those moving from Dublin to Nottingham to take advantage of the largest local industry of the time, the Hosiery and Garment trades. 
It was at this time that there was 'Dumping' of woolen and cotton clothing onto the Irish Market, from abroad was allowed, at uneconomic price levels, which caused unemployment in the Hosiery trade, especially in Dublin. 
So the skilled workers logically moved to Nottingham to find similar work, and, even if many intended it to be temporary, a large proportion of those arriving in Nottingham, settled there and, invariably, married other Irish immigrants to make a life in the city and the Nottinghamshire area. 
There always had been seasonal influxes of Irish workers arriving to work in the Boston and Stamford areas of Linconlnshire, but these farm workers, usually went back home to work on farms in Ireland, when different crops required more labour, although some may have decided to look at finding employment in the diverse industries of Nottingham and settled around the city. 
In the present day Nottingham has a very diverse set of industries for anyone with the skills needed. 
It is especially well known for having a strong pharmaceutical sector, as well as I.T. And Games companies. 
Boots the Chemists were founded in Nottingham, as was Raleigh Bicycles. 
Having Three well ranked universities and colleges also accounts for some of the Irish moving to Nottingham. 
Nottingham does have a number of venues that are frequented by the Nottingham Irish and they are not just Irish Theme Pubs, and also has a Nottingham Irish Centre which has survived for decades. 
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